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Document 6

 Author: Heather Grant Florence

Recipient: Barbara Wilson

Date: 19 March 1985

Document Type: Typed Letter, Signed by Author

Location: Series II, Box 1, File 14: Bantam Correspondence, Seal Press, Oberlin College Special Collections

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bantam letter


Seal Press Logo
Seal Press Logo, Seal Press, Source

[Letterhead: Bantam Books Inc – 666 Fifth Ave., New York 10103 – Tel. 212 765-6500 – Telex 1-2402]

March 19, 1985

Ms. Barbara Wilson

The Seal Press

312 S. Washington

Seattle, Washington 98104

Dear Ms. Wilson:

I was quite surprised to see reference to your company in the March 1, 1985 issue of Publisher’s Weekly. Bantam Books is a shareholder in a Canadian publishing company which uses the trade name “Seal Books”. [sic] Seal has been in business for a substantial period of time and has registered the trade name.

Accordingly, I would welcome information about your firm including, particularly, how you use the name “Seal”, [sic] how long you have been doing so, and whether or not you have registered it as a trademark. While I hope we will not have a problem here, obviously it’s best to focus on it quickly before any conflicts become deeper.

Seal Books Logo
Seal Books Logo, Penguin Random House, Source

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

[Signed: Heather Grant Florence]

Heather Grant Florence

Vice President

Secretary & Gen. Counsel

Transcribed by Natalia Shevin