The projects on this site all began as class assignments. Students work together in teams of two or three work together to create a “mini-edition” based on documents in the Oberlin College Archives identified by Professor Lasser and Archivist Ken Grossi for their potential to illuminate aspects of feminisms. Each student individually selects a document from the team’s collection, transcribes and annotates it, and produces a headnote for it. Together, the members of the team cooperate to write an introduction to the project identifying how the contents contribute to understanding the history of American feminisms.

Before posting on this site, all projects received editorial attention from Professor Lasser. Jen Graham OC 2013 assisted with mini-editions completed in Spring 2013. Hanna Van Reed OC 2015 assisted the Spring 2015 class, and Summer 2015 Student Editors, Rebecca Debus, Natalia Shevin and Joanna Wiley– all OC 2017–edited and extended projects completed in Spring 2015.

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Acknowledgements recognizes and thanks the many people who have supported this project, including:

Ken Grossi, Louisa Hoffman, Anne Salsich in the Oberlin College Archives

Ed Vermue, Lindsey Felice in Oberlin College Special Collections

Ray English, Alan Boyd, Megan Mitchell , Haley Antell, Cecilia Robinson, Jen Starkey in the Oberlin College Library

Jacob Heil, Mellon Digital Scholar for the Five Colleges of Ohio 

Student editors and assistants: Hanna Van Reed OC 2015, Rebecca Debus OC 2017, Natalia Shevin OC 2017, Joanna Wiley OC 2017

Student Web Gurus: Matt Blankinship OC 2017 and Kate Diamond OC 2017

And all the students in Oberlin College History 213 – Spring 2013 and 2015, and History 231 – Spring 2016 

These efforts were funded in part by the ‘Digital Collections:  From Projects to Pedagogy and Scholarship’ grant, awarded to the Five Colleges of Ohio by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.