Second Wave American Feminisms – Spring 2016

“You were made of the stuff that makes legends”: The life and legacy of Ellen H. Johnson
Chipmunks and Children: The Photography and Life of Ruth Alexander Nichols
“We are not superwomen”: Navigating Finances, Identity Politics, and Vision of a Feminist Press
Frances Walker-Slocum’s Brilliance and Advocacy: Bringing Black Classical Composers to the Forefront of Oberlin Conservatory
“We cannot change the world but we can change the people in it”: The Eleanor Bumstead Stevenson Papers
 Consciousness-Raising at Oberlin College During the Second Wave: Gender and Sexuality Conferences and Workshops
Scrapbooks and Social Awareness: A Self-Curated History of the Oberlin YWCA

First Wave American Feminisms – Spring 2015

Heartache from the Home Front: Emilie Palmer’s Diaries 1859-1863
“Education is as needful to the lady as to the gentleman”: The Papers of Mary Sheldon
Wives, Sisters, and Daughters: Henry Woodcock’s Correspondence with the Women in his Life
Frances Densmore: A New Woman, But Not Without Complication
Women “Rule The World”: The Lives and Impacts of Female Missionaries
“No apology is needed”: The Career of Sarah Furnas Wells
“As Free as Ever”: The Letters of Irene Ball
“You Can’t Keep Her Out”: Mary Church Terrell’s Fight for Equality in America
“Singular Charm and Superb Character”: The Life of Adelia Antoinette Field Johnston
“You Will See With What Freedom I Have Written”: The Courtship Correspondence of James H. Fairchild and Mary F. Kellogg
The Oberlin Mutual Improvement Club

First Wave American Feminisms – Spring 2013

“My Highly Valued Friend” and “Darling Husband”: The Civil War Courtship of Mary E. Burton & Giles W. Shurtleff
The Phillips Sisters: Early Oberlin Feminists
“The Necessity Of A Pure Heart”: The Oberlin Female Reform Society, 1835-1857
“I Shall Have Your Sympathy, If Your Judgment Refuses Me Your Support”: Lucy Stanton Day, the American Missionary Association, and the Politics of Respectability
“I Must Do What I Can”: Susan Rowena Bird and the Oberlin Band of Missionaries in Shanxi, China
K-I-S-S-E-D: Emily Pillsbury Burke & the Oberlin Ladies Board
For Every Land: The Internationalism of the Women of the Oberlin W.C.T.U
One Step More: Lucy Stone And The Fight for Woman Suffrage
Evelina Belden Paulson: A Journal of Life at the Hiram House, A Cleveland Settlement, 1910