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Websites Consulted: – provides access to census data, school records, and state records. Oberlin students should be aware that they can access more information than is available for free if they go through the Oberlin College Library Databases. – a useful site for looking up verses across different editions of the Bible. It also provides access to commentary on the verses or chapters, providing a clearer sense of their message. -the online site of the Encyclopedia Britannica, offers basic information on just about everything and is a more scholarly alternative to wikipedia. – a helpful site for locating the burial places of individuals; it also often contains some information on their lives and potential relatives. -provides basic statistics and information on countries. -provides access to obituaries and basic information on alumni from Oberlin High School.– provides access to genealogical information for Ohio residents. -offers information on Saints’ lives and traditional Orthodox customs and holidays. -a truly fantastic site that provides access to a wide range of information from US Census data. -the site of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, which is still active today. -the site of the Young Womens Christian Assocation, provides both hsitorical and contemporary details on this association.


The following sites are all aimed at tourists, but also useful for providing basic information on well known places and buildings.



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