Digitizing American Feminisms

Projects from Oberlin College


In Fall 2012, Carol Lasser, Professor of History, and Ken Grossi, Oberlin College Archivist, began planning together to create a framework that could bring beginning history students into the college archive. We were inspired by the Pedagogy Workshop for Liberal Arts Colleges, “Teaching the Archives,” sponsored by the Alliance to Advance Liberal Arts Colleges (AALC), […]

For Every Land: The Internationalism of the Women of the Oberlin W.C.T.U

Authors: Lizzie Edgar and Hanna Van Reed Collection: 31/6/4 Women’s Christian Temperance Union, Oberlin Chapter, 1874-1976 INTRODUCTION Under the guidance of Francis Willard, the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union changed its national slogan from “For God, and Home, and Native Land” to “For God, and Home, and Every Land,” reflecting a growing concern with temperance work […]

“The Necessity Of A Pure Heart” The Oberlin Female Reform Society, 1835-1857

Authors: Adrian Bennett, Kitt Disston, Sophie Hess Collection: Oberlin Female Moral Reform Society, RG 31/6/11 INTRODUCTION The Oberlin Female Moral Reform Society, founded in 1835, was one of the largest in the nation. With 380 members by 1840, the Society worked to promote the interests, improve the wellbeing, and expand the agency of women in […]

“My Highly Valued Friend” and “Darling Husband”: The Civil War Courtship of Mary E. Burton & Giles W. Shurtleff

Authors: Yvette Chen, Louise Edwards, Rebekkah Rubin Collection: 30/32 Giles Waldo and Mary E. Burton Shurtleff Papers INTRODUCTION This archival collection is comprised of letters exchanged between Mary Burton Shurtleff and General Giles Waldo Shurtleff during the Civil War, from 1861 to 1866. The letters follow their relationship through their courtship and marriage.1

The Phillips Sisters: Early Oberlin Feminists

Authors: Kaïa Austin, Michelle Gonzales, Adele Schumann Collection: 30/394 Phillips Family Papers INTRODUCTION The archival collection explored in this project contains letters written by Edith Bennett, Philena, Hannah, and Sarah Grace Phillips to members of their family between 1850 and 1855. These four sisters, who all attended Oberlin College in the 1850s, were born and […]