Chipmunks and Children: The Photography and Life of Ruth Alexander Nichols

Document 1: 21 August 1917, Ruth Alexander to Herman Nichols   |    Document 2: 23 August 1918, Albert Britt to Ruth Alexander
Document 3: 1919 Thomas Clay O’Donnell to Ruth Alexander   |    Document 4: 23 May 1927 Jean M. Whitman to Ruth Nichols
Document 5: 20 June 1931- W. C. Vogt to Ruth Nichols   |    Document 6 & 7 Introduction
Document 6: 14 June 1950, W.H. Zippler to Ruth Nichols     |    Document 7: 20 June 1950, Ruth Nichols to W.H. Zippler
Document 8: 1953 – Better Homes and Gardens Transcript       |     Bibliography

Eilleen Gillen
Eilleen Gillen. The caption reads: “31g-54 All Rts Ansco. Jan 1952.”
Source: Series XIII. Photographs, Box 5. Nichols Family Papers, RG 30/372. O.C.A.

Document 6: 14 June 1950, W.H. Zippler to Ruth Nichols

Author: W.H. Zippler

Recipient: Ruth Nichols

Date: 14 June 1950.

Location: Nichols Family Papers, Record Group 30/372, Series VI: Professional Correspondence of Ruth A. Nichols Nichols, Box 1. O.C.A.

Document Type: Typed Letter

Original                       Both                    Transcription



june 14 letter


children at the beach
Nichols tried to take pictures of children fully engaged in activities, like this undated photo of children at the beach.
Source: Series XIII. Photographs, Box 12. Nichols Family Papers, RG 30/372. O.C.A.

Roche, Williams & Cleary, Inc. Advertising

135 South La Salle Street – Chicago 3, ILL.

Phone Randolph 6-9760

June 14th


Miss Ruth Nichols

211 Chestnut Street

Westfield, New Jersey.

Dear Miss Nichols: –

When we purchase photos from you, do we have exclusive rights forever or is there a time limitation? Our client is anxious to find out so I would appreciate an early reply. Thank you.

                Very truly yours,


  [signed in ink: W. H. Zippler]

                W. H. Zippler







[Transcribed by Willa Kerkhoff]


[1] These letters indicate that the document was dictated by W.H. Zippler and typed by his secretary, whose initials are L.A.