Chipmunks and Children: The Photography and Life of Ruth Alexander Nichols

Document 1: 21 August 1917, Ruth Alexander to Herman Nichols   |    Document 2: 23 August 1918, Albert Britt to Ruth Alexander
Document 3: 1919 Thomas Clay O’Donnell to Ruth Alexander   |    Document 4: 23 May 1927 Jean M. Whitman to Ruth Nichols
Document 5: 20 June 1931- W. C. Vogt to Ruth Nichols   |    Document 6 & 7 Introduction
Document 6: 14 June 1950, W.H. Zippler to Ruth Nichols     |    Document 7: 20 June 1950, Ruth Nichols to W.H. Zippler
Document 8: 1953 – Better Homes and Gardens Transcript       |     Bibliography



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Nichols Family Papers (1884-1962), Record Group 30/372, O.C.A.


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Student File, Ruth Alexander Nichols, Record Group 28/2, Box 57, O.C.A.

Student File, Herman Nichols, Record Group 28/2, Box 756, O.C.A.

Finding Guide, Nichols Family Papers (1884-1962), Record Group 30/372, O.C.A. web link.


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Image Sources:

Nichols Family Papers (1884-1962), Record Group 30/372, O.C.A.