Author: Frances Densmore

Recipient: not specified

Date: undated

Location: Frances Theresa Densmore Letters 1884-86, Letter No. 56, Record Group 30/156, Oberlin College Archives

Document Type: Typed Letter



In this letter, similar to Document 4, Densmore expressed exhaustion about the excessive church responsibilities. This letter is undated, but was likely written in 1886, as it appeared after the letter about the Ladies’ Hall fire.



8-1No. 56

On religious services

… [sic] Bertie and Nell and her aunt have gone to Ladies Prayermeeting [sic]. I didn’t feel like going. I think that three Sunday services, with prayermeeting [sic] Monday and Friday is plenty– don’t you? I suppose I could go to all Sunday but it would leave me only about three or four hours to read or write in.

Transcribed by Natalia Shevin